How To Write the Main Body For Your Essay?

The main body of the essay makes up more than 80% of your essay length. This is where you jot down your arguments, opinions, and answer the essay prompt. In advanced essay writing service, you are not limited to only a set number of paragraphs, but you can divide your text into many paragraphs according to the flow of your writing and the content of the essay.

Purpose of the main body paragraphs

While the introduction part of the essay introduces the subject matter and provides the reader with the context of the essay. However, the main body of the essay provides the reader with a complete argument, analysis, description, or evaluation.




You will discuss the prevalent ideas and opinions, describe them, and give your thoughts upon it. The subject will normally move to provide the reader with your ideas and arguments. Your argument needs to be supported by evidence and examples. Without this, you won’t be able to convince the reader upon your argument, and will thus fail to fulfill the purpose of the main body.


Structuring the main body

Most of the essays that target simpler write my essay topics, not dense in their content, opt for the 5-essay paragraphs, of which the three middle paragraphs are the body paragraphs. This structure however is not suitable for complex topics that require in-depth research. Structuring these essays require you to break off of the 5-essay paragraphs— which were there to help you spend more time on critical thinking anyway—and divide the essay into several paragraphs, depending on the number of ideas and information that you take on.


This will allow you to discuss and analyze each side of the subject matter and not present only a few salient points.

The main body checklist

To make sure your body paragraphs take on the subject matter and communicate the ideas and analysis effectively, you will have to make sure of the following:

  • You should provide in-depth background information to the subject at the start if it needs more information than the general introduction provided in the introduction of do my paper. This will only help the reader put the information in the right context and understand your ideas and arguments effectively.
  • Each paragraph should start by telling the reader what the paragraph will discuss so that they can get an idea about the flow of information and its relation to the subject matter. For paragraphs that discuss the main ideas and present arguments, this introduction is in the Topic Sentence.
  • Make sure you describe and introduce your idea or theory in detail after introducing it.
  • It’s a good practice to discuss and provide your analysis of the prevalent notions and ideas about the subject. This will show the reader your preparedness and your conviction of the legitimacy of your ideas.
  • Don’t list the arguments and ideas on their own with no evidence to back them up. The argument will never be complete if you don’t back your claims with solid proof and evidence that the reader can judge your ideas by.
  • The evidence and examples should be taken from authoritative scholarly sources, you can find them in research articles and peer-reviewed journals. This evidence and supporting text can be statistics, observations, experiments, or expert opinion.
  • Make sure that you cite the information properly and provide the sources’ references in write my paper for me. By giving credit to the originator of the thought or information you avoid plagiarism.
  • You should analyze the evidence further and also discuss the counter-arguments to further strengthen your essay argument or thesis.
  • Lastly, make sure that each passage of the argument, analysis, and evaluation connects and takes the main thesis forward and contributes to it.



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